Don t take with you in holiday the things you don t need them

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As we know the money replaces weight, especially in the form of any debit or credit card. Why carry 4 bottles of your favorite whisky when you can simply carry with you small bottles as you travel. It really won’t cost much more to buy things wherever you go, instead of carrying the favorite things. Also, you really don’t know exactly what you’ll need, particularly on an overseas trip. Buy what you need as you need it, and you won’t have a pile of useless things in your luggage. Don’t we all regularly unpack things at home that we never once used during the trip?

The mountain hikers send their things, such as new shoes, to a post office on their route, ahead of time, so they’ll be waiting for them. They also send home things they no longer need. The latter may be a useful practice for other travelers in the meantime. If you have gifts for family or friends, why carry them around for weeks, why don t you send them to their address?
Is it making sense?

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